A review of the new July 2002 release by health researcher Phillip Day

Has the world gone mad? Indeed, at no other time in the history of this planet have more people been diagnosed 'mentally ill' than today.

Times have certainly changed - there's no doubt about it. Right and wrong have become matters for debate. Truth is now relative. Virtue is mocked and ridiculed. Religion battered and despised. Criminal behaviour is now excused under the banner of 'irresistible impulse' and 'diminished capacity'. Doors that once were open are now chained and double-bolted.

Once our schools were safe havens in which our children could thrive and learn. Today, school campuses are commonly the playground for drug dealers, pornographers, Satanists and constant youth violence. Millions of children are daily drugged up because they have been diagnosed 'mentally ill'.

Phillip Day's new book is The Mind Game. In it, the British political and health researcher poses his central, awesome question: "What on Earth is going on?"