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“Read pretty much all of Phillip Day’s books and been to several talks. Great!” – Mary C, Stratford upon Avon, UK

“I have been to your seminars in the past which were excellent. I look forward to hearing further information about maintaining optimum health. Best wishes.” - Elizabeth H, Okehampton, Devon, UK

“Cancer is very dear to my heart, yet as a nutritionist we are not allowed to treat it, even though we know there are methodologies which have an exceedingly beneficial effect on that dis-ease. So, looking forward to this experience. Thank you, Phillip, for going into this and trying to help. A paradigm shift is coming about, but will be too late for a lot of folk.” – Monica L, Aylesbury, UK

“Love your work Phillip & crew!! Bless you all!!” – Lynette J, Biggera Waters, Queensland, Australia

“Attended Phillip Day presentation in Cairns earlier this year. Brilliant.” – Helen H, Edmonton, QLD, Australia

“I have watched this presentation on cancer and love it, it gives me strength to achieve what I know to be achievable. Thank you, Phillip.” – Carol M, NSW, Australia

“Fascinated by the seminars and email information presented by Phillip Day! Such common sense, logic and passion that Phillip displays about acquiring and maintaining good health is rare in our materialistic/pharmaceutically-driven world. How lucky are we to have him as our ‘health guide’ in our lifetime?” – Lutana M, Canberra, Australia

“Phillip, you are providing a priceless service to all who choose to participate. I will forever appreciate what you are doing.” – Charles U, Elands, NSW, Australia

“I really get a lot out of these online presentations. They are very informative.
Thank you Philip Day for all your good work.” - Pamela G, VIC, Australia