You might not have tooth ache. But what about back ache, neck ache, jaw ache, migraine or those constant blinding headaches? Do you suffer in this way? It may well be that you have gone from professional to professional, only to find that they cannot supply the answers nor provide the treatment for your particular symptoms. Amazingly, it may well be an underlying dental problem that is contributing to wider systemic disease, chronic pain and discomfort.

All in all, there's a whole lot more to dentistry than the six month checkup, advice on brushing, high-pitched drills and wincing imagery. Now, there's some very good news indeed! For the best in toxin-free tooth, mouth and body care, read Toxic Bite -  the latest addition to the Credence roster of top-selling health-care titles.    

Says Dr Kellner-Read, "In researching this book, I have become even more aware that successive governments, Big Pharma and academia worldwide have ignored the potential disasters of using toxic materials in the mouth. It is only now that we the public, are awakening to the realisation that it is our responsibility to put this right. And it is only now that we are questioning the validity of the science that allows carcinogens, neurotoxins and tissue irritants to invade our bodies through the mouth. There is a safe, non-toxic way forward. Do we really want to poison ourselves or our children? Edmund Burke remarked : "All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing". Toxic Bite has been written so that good men and women can be equipped to do something!"

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Toxic Bite by Bill Kellner-Read
ISBN 1-904015-00-X (228 pages) 2002 Credence Publications

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